January 27, 2022


Innovatieve fietskleding kopen, laten bedrukken of zelf ontwerpen | voor jou, je team of bedrijf | eigen design: eigen logo, eigen kleuren, ...

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  • +32 (0)13 67 13 67
  • Poort West-Limburg 1399, Industrieweg 114, B-3980 Tessenderlo, Belgium

Seedwear technology Cycling and triathlon clothing

For many years, we have been exploring the mythical road to cycling history together. Van Avermaet, Gilbert, Boonen ... They all successfully represented Belgium. In cooperation with Belgian Cycling, we designed race apparel to make the Belgian athletes even faster. This way, history can repeat itself and the Belgians can bring the medals home again.
Hard evidence and word of mouth. That is how our peloton of federations grew step by step. Our Belgian, Dutch and German success stories also inspired other cycling federations to rely on our speedwear: Russia, Cyprus, Panama, Lithuania, China…


Short & Long distance wolrd champs

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