Former seasons



15/10/2022 Challenge Peguera-Mallorca (ESP): PRO WIN, 1st

25/09/2022 T3 Series Sprint Triathlon Hengstdijk (NED): 2nd

17/09/2022 Belgian Championships Standard Distance Triathon: 2nd

10/09/2022 Olympic Distance Triathlon Mechelen: 1st

04/09/2022 Olympic Distance Triathlon Gerard Mer (FRA): 2nd

27/08/2022 T3 Series Eliminator Viersel: 8th

21/07/2022 Olympic Distance Triathlon Kappelle-Op-Den-Bos: 1st

10/07/2022 Olympic Distance Triathlon St Martens Latem: 1st

03/07/2022 Belgian Championships Olympic Distance Triathon: 1st

25/06/2022 City Triathlon Bruges Olympic Distance: 2nd

12/06/2022 T3 Series Team Relay Namur: 2nd

05/06/2022 T3 Series Sprint Triathlon St Laureins: 7th

22/05/2022 Belgian Championships Sprint Triathlon: 6th

15/05/2022 City Triathlon Leuven Olympic Distance: 1st

20/04/2022 Challenge Gran Canaria Standard Distance (ESP): DNF, 2 punctures

27/03/2022 12k Run Corrida Leuven: 4th

20/03/2022 Sprint Triathlon Bilzen: 1st


Corona strikes again!

Main results:

11/09/2021 Belgian Championships Olympic Distance Triathlon (Mechelen): 1st

18/07/2021 Non-drafting Triathlon Aarschot: 1st


Corona spoiled year...

Main results:

29/08/2020 Belgian Championships Sprint Triathlon (Viersel): 3rd

20/09/2020 Triathlon Mechelen Olympic Distance Triathlon: 1st


29/12/2019 Corrida Leuven (BEL): 1st

06/08/2019 ETU Cup Alanya (TUR): 8th

21/09/2019 ETU Cup Constanta (ROM): 25th

15/09/2019 Olympic Distance Triathlon Mechelen (BEL): 1st

24/08/2019 T3 Series Sprint Triathlon Viersel (BEL): 2nd

18/08/2019 T3 Series Sprint Triathlon Weiswampach (LUX): 4th

10/08/2019 Belgian Championships Olympic Distance Triathlon Wuustwezel: 8th

29/06/2019 ETU Cup Holten (NED): 5th

23/06/2019 ITU World Cup Antwerpen (BEL): 13th

09/06/2019 Eredivisie Weert (NED) Team Relay: 1st

01/06/2019 Belgian National Champion Sprint Triathlon Sint-Laureins: 1st

19/05/2019 Eredivisie Almere (NED) Supersprint: 3th

19/05/2019 Eredivisie Almere (NED) Team Triathlon: 2nd

28/04/2019 Belgian Championships Team Triathlon Tournai (BEL): 4th


30/12/2018 Corrida Leuven 8K (BEL): 2nd

20/10/2018 ETU Duathlon European Championships Ibiza (ESP): 5th U23 ; 9th elite

13/10/2018 Coupe de France Montceau-Les-Mines (FRA) Team Duathlon: 1st

23/09/2018 T3 Series Final Lille (BEL) Team Relay: 2nd

09/09/2018 Eredivisie (NED) National Rankings 2018: 1st

09/09/2018 Eredivisie Almere (NED) Team Relay: 1st

25/08/2018 ETU Cup Szekesfehervar (HUN): DNF

19/08/2018 T3 Series Weiswampach (LUX): 1st

23/06/2018 ETU Cup Wuustwezel (BEL): 46th

17/06/2018 ITU World Cup Antwerp (BEL): 39th

02/06/2018 ITU World Cup Cagliari (ITA): 40th

19/05/2018 ITU World Cup Astana (KZ): DNF

29/04/2018 National Duathlon Championships (BEL): 1st

14/04/2018 5k run race Mechelen (BEL): 1st

24/03/2018 ETU Cup Quarteira (POR): 24th

18/03/2018 ETU Cup Gran Canaria (ESP): 35th

02/03/2018 World Triathlon Series Abu Dhabi (UAE): 45th


04/11/2017 ITU World cup Miyazaki (JAP): 9th

28/10/2017 ITU World Cup Tongyeong (KOR): 38th

08/10/2017 ETU European Cup Final Melilla (ESP): 8th

15/09/2017 ITU World Championships Rotterdam (NED): 18th

10/09/2017 Eredivisie (NED) National Rankings 2017: 1st

10/09/2017 Eredivisie Almere (NED) Team Relay: 1st

03/09/2017 ITU World Cup Karlovy Vary (CZE): 21st

26/08/2017 Eredivisie Veenendaal (NED) Dutch national sprint championships: 1st

13/08/2017 ETU European Cup Wuustwezel (BEL): 9th


26/12/2016 Corrida Leuven (BEL): 5th

29/10/2016 ITU World Cup Miyazaki (JAP): 9th

15/10/2016 Ekiden Brussel (BEL): 2nd

04/09/2016 Olympic Distance Mechelen (BEL): 1st

23/07/2016 ETU Triathlon Rotterdam (NED): 18th

16/07/2016 Eredivisie Rotterdam (NED): 4th


27/12/2015 Corrida Leuven (BEL): 6th

07/11/2015 ATU African Cup Agadir (MOR): 7th

24/10/2015 ATU African Cup Larache (MOR): 2nd

20/09/2015 Sprint Triathlon Mechelen (BEL) (Home race): 1st

07/06/2015 National Championships Olympic Distance Lac de L’eau D’heure: 3th overall/ 2nd U23

31/05/2015 T3 Series Zwevegem (BEL) Team relay: 3th

15/01/2015 Crosscountry Vilvoorde (BEL): 4th


2014 Junior European Ranking : 6th

28/12/2014 Corrida Leuven (BEL): 2nd

21/09/2014 Olympic Distance Triathlon Mechelen (BEL) (Home race): 7th

14/09/2014 National Championships junior men 5000m track Moeskroen: 2nd

5/07/2014 ETU European Cup Holten (NED): 6th

21/06/2014 European Championships junior men Kitzbühel (AUT): 9th

2/06/2014 National Championships Triathlon junior men Brasschaat: 2nd

24/05/2014 ETU European Cup Brno (CZ): 8th

11/05/2014 ETU European Cup Vierzon (FRA): 3th

27/04/2014 National Duathlon Championships junior men Doornik: 2nd


05/05/2013 National Championships Duathlon junior men Ruddervoorde: 1st


27/05/2013 National Championships Triathlon junior men Zwevegem: 1st

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