ABOUt Jonathan "Jojo" Wayaffe

International Elite Triathlete

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At the age of six Jonathan started swimming with the local club. A year later he entered his first swimming competitions. He quickly realised this wasn’t really something for him and he introduced some weekly runs into his schedule. He truly enjoyed running and its greater variation.

Around the age of thirteen he started participating in swim-run races and joined the local triathlon squad named ‘Sp&O’. The purchase of a entry-level race bike quickly followed in the next year. In 2010, inevitably, he completed his first triathlon.

From then on, he has been training for the triathlon, which he believes is one of the most complete sports in the world.
Highlights in his career so far are 5 national titels in both triathlon and duathlon and several top 10 finishes at international level.

Jonathan acquired his master's degree in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences at KU Leuven (BEL) in 2022. He has specialized in sports physiotherapy. Currently he is working part time as a physiotherapist in a private practice setting, combining work with world class performances.

THE athlete

Short Facts

Date of birth: 26th of october 1995
Height: 175cm / 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 62 kg / 9 stone, 8 lb, 7.5 oz
Favorite discipline: the run
Ambitions: Focus on Middle distance racing:
- wins & podia IRON MAN 70.3/ Challenge Family triathlon - - wins & podia renowned independent races (eg. Triathlon de Gérardmer XL).
- European Championships
- World Championships


Middle distance racing:
wins & podium IRON MAN 70.3/ Challenge Family triathlon, Euro and world champs


Team behind the Athlete

Matthias Verstraelen  




Alexander Wayaffe


Gerda Marina De Groof


No one said the path would be easy #racingtough


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