22 JAN '20

Welcome 2020

Ending 2019 in style. Looking forward to 2020.

On the last sunday of the year 2019, traditionally-wise I participated in the Leuven city Corrida. This is a road run race. I participated in the 8k race. 8K is a nice distance as it’s not too much too early in the new 2020 triathlon season. Yet still long enough to go flat out and see where we’re at for the moment.

Having raced here already 6 or 7 times, this has become much of an annual meeting amongst national triathletes and runners. In the week leading towards the race, I bumped my kneecap pretty hard. Luckely the pain decreased enough to be able to race. Long time since last race so I was eager to give it a go!

The start was pretty quick (opening in 2’40-45/k) and this was quite hard. But soon I settled into my pace and was following the leaders of the race. 2k in, I decided to put the hammer down and from then on I ran solo gradually increasing my lead. This way I could finish with a comfortable lead and take the victory.
I felt good the whole race and averaged 2’57/km. I was very happy with the overall shape!

I'm hoping for a good and rewarding 2020 season. In any case, I will do my utmost best and will do anything within my capabilities to achieve my goals.

Also a massive thanks to my current sponsors in supporting me again for the new year and believing in me
personal sponsors (DGI immo, Crelan kantoor Cornette, Cogiva)
teamsponsors ( Bioracer, SIMAC, Sports2, Prorace bikes, Zone3, SIX2, SP&O triathlon team)
Last but not least: very excited about the new partnership with running and triathlon store SHOP2RUN!

Cheers and see you next year!

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