SEPT 17 '22

Vice-Belgian champion Halve Distance triathlon !!

First ever halve distance in horrific circumstances ! But what an outcome!

Today would be my first ever halve distance triathlon (at least the first I was planning to finish, my first one was in april this year but had 2 flat tyres after 50k on the bike).

Had been preparing well for this race but you never know! Anything can happen and this was something new. At the same time I only had to focus on myself and do my job, knowing what I am capable of..

Weather conditions were horrible. 10 degrees and full on rain, made this an early winter day. As I am a small body type and very skinny, beating the cold is not my strength.. Keeping warm would be priority number one!

I had a good swim and managed to settle myself in the front group out of the water. Once we were on the bike, the cold immediately started to kick in. Pourring rain and ice cold temperatures made everything go numb and sore. But I tried to fight it as much as possible and came of the bike in 5th position 1'30'' behind the race leader who had broke away the last 30k on the bike. I was so freezing cold by the time we got off our bikes..

During the run, I couldn't find my normal pace. Breathing wise, it was so easy but my body, muscles and extremeties just refused to cooperate. I fairly quick cought the 3 athletes in front of me, which put me in 2nd place. I held this place to become VICE- BELGIAN CHAMPION on my first ever halve distance race.
Very happy about this result and proud with the way I fought the cold, and still focused on the job at hand, racing hard!

There's more in this to come!

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