24 AUG '19

T3 Series Sprint Triathlon Viersel (BEL)

A stacked field and hot conditions, this one was tough!

One week after the hilly sprint race in Weiswampach, it was now time for yet another sprint race of the T3 triathlon series. Now a completely flat course, as this is a good old habit in Flanders. Skies were blue and temperatures rose high, exactly what I like!

This meant it was a non-wetsuit swim. Altough I generaly prefer a wetsuit swim, I did a good job and got out in the 2nd pack after some realy fast swimmers. The bike was tough. In the beginning there was a nice cooperation, but this stopped dramatically when some guys started to block as part of team tactics. This resulted in me and only one other athlete doing the lion's share of the work. I put in a lot of effort because I didn't want to let the leading pack get too far ahead of us. Quite tired of the bike, I was happy to still find good running legs. Together with national champion olympic distance triathlon, Simon De Cuyper, we caught everyone of the leading pack except for 1 athlete. In the 2nd lap out of 2 laps in total, I managed to slowly get away from Simon, but did not caught on to the leading man.

A nice 2nd place after a very tough race! Satisfied with how things are going. Now a few weeks of training before the very end of the season with 2 European cups!

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