20 MAR '17

T3 Herderen (BEL) Team Triathlon

Racing with my team mates.

Sunday I competed in a team race format representing my belgian team Sp&o. The maximum number of athletes per team counted 6 and every team should finish the race with at least 4 athletes. Because of my ankle injury, I was one of the poor guys that would be left behind. For me the plan was to work hard at the front during the swim and go all out on the bike.

Our team did a good swim leg. We hadn’t lost too much time on the stronger swimming teams. On the bike we lost some time, but nevertheless it was ok because of our very young team and a puncture. After the bike leg, I pulled out and cheered for my teammates till they reached the finishing line. Despite some guys were very tired comming of the bike, we could sustain a nice pace on the run. At the end, we finished as the 9th team. A good job from a young team.

No worries, next races of the series which are individual races, we’ll move up in the ranking.

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