3 SEP '18

Racing In August

A time to re-evaluate

In july I took a mid-season break to reconsider things and get healthy.

T3 Series Triathon
In the mid of august I did race again! This was the T3 series race in Weiswampach (LUX), a race of the belgian national circuit. Due to an incredible warm summer in Belgium, the water quality was not OK and the race was turned into a duathlon. (too many algae)
This was a nice surprise since I’m a capable runner. On the other hand I wasn’t quite sure about my fitness level since I was only running for a few week and still revalidating from the ankle anterior impingement injury. But since this was only a sprint, I was confident this would be no problem for the ankle.
The race went really well, especially the run surprised me and I managed to take the win! My team also took the overall victory that day!

ETU cup Hungary
A week after the T3 race, I participated again on an international level in Hungary. With the motivational boost from last week, I was eager to race. But unfortunately I got ill the day of the race. This made me feel quite weak in every discipline. I had a terrible swim and as a consequence the race was pretty much over. No chance of coming back on a peleton of 20 or more guys as the level in these races is high! A shame because I know I can compete for a nice result on these races.

For the rest of the season I’m NOT going to rush races like a lunatic and try to make up for some lost time, races, points,.. First races up are 2 very short but fast paced relay races: beginning with the national series in the Netherlands on the 9th of september where we will try to prolong our title!  2 weeks later I'll compete in the Belgian T3 series in the team relay race!

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15 SEPT '19

Olympic Distance Triathlon Mechelen (BEL)

Racing on home soil!

Jonathan Wayaffe

24 AUG '19

T3 Series Sprint Triathlon Viersel (BEL)

A stacked field and hot conditions, this one was tough!

Jonathan Wayaffe

18 AUG '19

T3 Series Sprint Triathlon Weiswampach (LUX)

1 week after the Belgian Champs: Redemption time!

Jonathan Wayaffe

10 AUG '19

Belgian Championships Olympic Distance Triathlon Wuustwezel

Eager for a podium!

Jonathan Wayaffe

5 AUG '19

Trainingcamp july, preparations 2nd part of the race season

Overcoming some difficulties and finding race form again

Jonathan Wayaffe

29 JUN '19

ETU Premium Cup Holten (NED)

Podium within reach!

Jonathan Wayaffe