1 MARCH '22

Monte Gordo - Februari training camp Portugal

Escape to the sun

During the month of February, together with about 10 other athletes of the SP&O triathlon team, we held a 3 week long training camp in Monte Gordo, Algarve, Portugal.

As the weather in Belgium was really bad (had been riding indoors for over 3 months), getting in some good mileage in the sun would be a very welcome and pleasant prospective. We knew the location very well from previous years. It's a perfect place for a triathlete, as it hosts all the facilities you need. Athletics track, 50m swimming pool, very nice cycling roads and barely any traffic, run trails, etc. In combination with a very high chance of having good weather, this makes Monte Gordo for an ideal place to train.

And yes, also this year the weather turned out amazing. Together with the group I got some serious training KMs. This block of training provided some solid mileage along with the start of some specific workouts. Foundations has been laid, now it is time to continue working on some more speed and threshold to finetune the engine towards racing season!

First 2 races in Belgium are scheduled at the end of March. First up is the winter triathlon of Herderen (swimming indoors). Second will be the running race in Leuven. See my upcoming races for more details.

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