9 JUN '19

Eredivisie Weert (NED) Team Relay

Team relays, always a great spectacle!

1 week after my belgian national title on the sprint distance, it was now time again to race for my dutch team, SQUADRA. Today's race was a team relay format. Each team consisted of 4 athletes, every man doing a super sprint triathlon before the next one starts. As we from SQUADRA had won the last 2 team relays races, we were quite confident in today's race. We were also lining up with a strong team. This couldn't go wrong and we did live up to expectations.

I was 4th and last man of our team. By the time it was my turn, my teammates had done a great job and had openend up a small gap of around 5-10 seconds on the chasers. Immediately I went off hard. In the swim I increased the gap just a little, followed by a great bike and run which gave me a 50 seconds lead in the end!

Very happy to secure the victory for the team! And as I crossed the line, my team mates were there to celebrate our victory. This puts us on top of the leaderboards again in the dutch national series and we're planning on staying there!

2 weeks of racing, 2 wins, couldn't ask for much more!

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