24 APR '19

Belgian Championships Team Race

A rainy but fun day! SP&O working together!

First race on the menu was the Belgian championships team race. This format consists of a sprint triathlon, starting with a team of 7 athletes. During the race you stay together, with the possibility to drop 2 athletes. Teams have to finish with at least 5 athletes.

We, SP&O, had a good but very young team and were eager to perform as this was the first race of the season for many of us. The whole race went quite well and we worked nicely as a team. On the bike it started pouring with rain which made it tricky! With temperatures plummeting below 9 degrees Celcius, it didn't make things easier. We all managed to stay upright and finish a decent race!

In the end, we finished fourth A result which is very good considering our young team and the best result for SP&O in a team race to this date!
For me personally this was a good test of fitness and a confirmation of the progress made this winter.

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