31 JAN '22


2022: New sights on the horizon! Website's up-and-running again and some new challenges are laying ahead!

It's been a while since my last blogpost on this website, 2 years to be more specific. The last 2 years, the world was turned upside-down. As everyone knows, covid19 introduced itself and has had an enormous impact on everybody's life ever since. And it struck hard..

My racing schedules, studies at university, traveling, training, ... in short EVERYTHING I was doing for triathlon and everything related to triathlon, changed in some way. Luckily, I got spared and haven't been ill for. Some races eventually could go on, and as such I got to do some racing in 2020 and 2021. But as focus wasn't there, these 2 previous years were mediocre. Some highs, some lows, but nothing really special. A note of high importance: no significant injuries these last 2 years, which is a major improvement!

Of course I was happy with a podium spot in Belgian national sprint champs in 2020 and even more with the WIN at the Olympic Distance nationals in 2021! A national jersey is always special!

This year, 2022, I'm going to continue like previous years, while also trying some non-drafting races and perhaps a longer distance race. But no radical changes in the near future and no undiminished ambitions.
Another big difference in 2022 will be that I'm finishing university. In February I will get my Master's degree in physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences. This means I will also start working as a physiotherapist in a private practice. How this will work out and how to find an equilibrium between work and sport, time will tell... But I can assure you, I still remain a triathlon maniac :D.

I'm kicking off this new start in a couple of days with a team training camp in the Algarve, Portugal. (will keep you posted about things going on in here)

Really looking forward to the 2022 season. Anyways, I will do my utmost best and will do anything within my capabilities to achieve my goals.

Also a massive thanks to my current sponsors in supporting me again for the new year and believing in me!
- Personal sponsors (DGI immo, Crelan kantoor Cornette, Cogiva)
- Teamsponsors Sp&o Triatlon Mechelen ( Bioracer, SIMAC, Sports2, Prorace bikes, Zone3, Runningstore, 100percent, ABUS, peaty's)
- Coach Matthias Verstraelen

PS: 2 New sponsor announcements will follow shortly. Very excited about these ones!


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